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We are committed to providing the best cancer rehab PT at our Sandy, UT center. Our program is individually tailored to improve quality of life and help patients adapt to the day-to-day changes that cancer and recovery bring.


Founded in 2012

Cancer Rehabilitation Centers was founded in 2012 with a mission to help patients diagnosed with cancer improve their quality of life during treatment. Our cancer physical therapists in Sandy provide individual exercise and physical therapy plans that meet the needs of every patient. From initial diagnosis to maintaining your health and wellness after recovery, Cancer Rehabilitation Centers is here to provide you with the best possible care.

Expert care

After a year of studying Molly has officially passed her boards to become one of the only Oncology certified physical therapists here in Utah! Next time you see Molly don’t forget to congratulate her! Molly “U” did it! We knew you could and we’re so proud of you! You have helped so many people and we’re glad you took this step so you can better help people. Thanks for all you do! We love and appreciate you!

At our cancer rehab PT clinic in Sandy, we offer a safe, clean, and customized facility that is specifically designed for cancer patients. We know that your safety, comfort, and privacy are a top priority. CRC will never share your information and you will always be in the company of trained professionals that work with your oncologists to achieve your wellness goals. Call us today to learn more about our rehab PT services in Sandy, UT. Visits with a physical therapist during and after cancer treatment are a great way to manage side effects, recover, and have more energy to do the things one loves.

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As a cancer support and treatment facility, we can help you manage most of the side effects of your cancer treatment. Our services are typically covered by most insurance plans.

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