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How to Prevent Cancer — Sandy, UT

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Our cancer rehab center in Sandy, UT, often posts blogs about coping with cancer, fighting cancer, and living with cancer. Today we want to share some simple steps to prevent cancer, or prevent reoccurrence. These steps may seem simple, but chances are we might need to work on one or two of these.

The Mayo Clinic has provided a list of the 7 things you can do to help reduce your chances of getting cancer.

1. Do Not Use Tobacco – This seems like a no-brainer, but this still continues to be the leading cause of cancer. This isn’t limited to smoking. All tobacco products should be refrained from use.

2. Eat a Healthy Diet – Most people think they are eating healthy. Try tracking your daily intake with a journal or tool like MyFitnessPal. Many of us are exceeding the recommended daily value in calories, fat, carbohydrates, and sodium and lacking on servings of veggies, protein, and whole grains. This diet can cause high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and increase your risk of cancer. Eating fresh foods with less chemicals, sweeteners, and preservatives will also reduce your risk of cancer as well.

3. Maintain a Healthy Weight and be Physically Active- This one is important! Keep your body moving and fit. This will help with your range of motion, prevent fat building around your vital organs, and lower the risk of breast and colon cancers.

4. Protect Your Skin From the Sun – There is a lot of controversy around this topic lately. Some might claim that sunblock prevents the absorption of D3 from the sun. All reliable cancer sources still agree that sunblock and sun protection are of the highest importance when preventing skin cancer. If you are concerned about a lack of nutrients, please consult your physician about supplementing your diet.

5. Get Immunized – We don’t mean a Flu shot. Viruses such as Hepatitis B and HPV are both known to increase risks of liver and cervical cancers. Please visit the Mayo Clinic site for more information about protecting yourself and your children from these viruses.

6. Avoid Risky Behaviors – Practicing safe sex and avoiding drug use are important to staying healthy and virus free. If you are using medication requiring injection, never share a needle with another person.

7. Get Regular Medical Care – Seems easy right? Wrong! Often times we think we are getting proper medical care because we go to the dentist twice a year and get our flu shot. We’re here to tell you that that isn’t enough. Getting mammograms, prostate exams, and annual pap smears could prevent serious complications and of course, cancer!

Cancer Rehabilitation Centers does not claim that these 7 steps will prevent you from ever getting cancer. We would just like to do anything we can to help prevent it and keep you healthy. If you need assistance with becoming more physically active, please visit our site at or call us at 801-456-9898


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