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happy woman

happy woman

You’ve been diagnosed with cancer and your brain is running wild. You have a slew of mixed emotions and an endless amount of questions. We will not be able to answer every question for you, but we do want to help you get on the path to emotional stability. First understand that it is okay to be emotional. You do not need to be strong for everyone else. It is okay to feel sad, confused, and mad! The important thing to remember is to not let cancer take over your emotions. You are still in control…even though it may not feel like it sometimes. Here are some tips to keep your emotions in good spirits and still allow for the occasional cry:

1. Exercise, paint, write, do yoga  – Find something that you love and do it.

2. Surround yourself with friends/family – Spend time with true friend that make you happy, that listen, that take you mind off things. These people will provide support, love, security, and a reality check if needed.

3. Cry – It’s ok to cry. Let it out. Do it in the shower everyday. It’s private, it’s already wet, and you don’t have to worry about what you look like.

4. Reward yourself – Get a massage, enjoy a play, eat some ice cream. Why not!

5. Get physical – Go for a walk, ride a bike, do some yoga. A little fresh air and physical activity does wonders for the brain and mind.

6. Seek help – Don’t be afraid to seek out professionals. Your emotions are going to be on a roller coaster, but don’t hesitate to seek out professionals to help you on your journey.

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