Hope Lodge Ground Breaking

hope lodge

Our very own Catherine Standiford was recently invited to participate in the ground breaking for the new Hope Lodge scheduled to open the summer of 2015.  What an exciting and inspirational day! With guests such as Carole Makita and Spencer Eccles, The Hope Lodge will help to provide services and residence to those seeking cancer treatment in the Intermountain west. For those that haven’t heard of the Hope Lodge, let us tell you a little bit about it. “Hope Lodge will be a home-away-from-home for cancer patients who travel from across the state and region to receive care at any of the premier treatment centers Salt Lake has to offer. It will provide a comfortable, supportive environment for both patient and caregiver to stay for free, a service currently unavailable anywhere in the region.” states the American Cancer Society. During a time that can be stressful and financially draining, the Hope Lodge will provide a little relief when patients most need it. We are extremely excited about the Hope Lodge moving west into our own backyard. We will be sure to keep you abreast of the progress of the Lodge as grand opening approaches.

Read more about the Hope Lodge on the American Cancer Society Site

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