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It’s true, cancer sucks! Whether you, your family member, a friend, or just a neighbor down the street has it,……it stinks! One of the things that causes the most stress for families during this trying time is money. As we all know, cancer ain’t cheap! Medical bills are extremely high not to mention the time taken off work for surgeries and treatment. Bills can pile up and be a terrible strain on the patient and family. Additional stress is the last thing needed for a patient needing to focus on a positive recovery. Did you know that it cost $700+ or more out of pocket per month with good health insurance coverage? That number does not include any loss of wages that might incur, travel for treatment, or caregiver expenses. With medical bills and expenses so high, cancer patients are 2 and a half times more likely to file for banckruptcy. We found a great way to help relieve this burden. You can be a part of something that could help someone you know. Give forward has a great way to help raise money for your diagnosed friends and family. Give forward is an online fundraising site that allows you to raise money for people in need. Hop over to their site to learn more about how to create a page for your friend, family member, or even for yourself.

-brought to you by Cancer Rehabilitation Centers – Cancer Sucks, Go to rehab!

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